Can you find the ray of hope ?

Deepak Tripathi
1 min readApr 7, 2020


We all are in amid of crisis where the world is experiencing some serious changes .

Yes it is difficult to sit at one place for long time .I have some questions

Are you not getting a real quality time with yourself?

Do you experienced that you started listening to something which you are ignoring for quite sometime?

Isn’t it a real test to work on your routine?

Well we will get plenty of question if start asking question to our inner self.

I think it is real test of our patience and behavioural change.

We are tied to a string of hope that everything will be fine and we can do whatever we want again.

No one has the answer.. what will happen next ?

But definitely we can find happiness in smallest thing which we do daily .

Some Ideas are given below so start building new ray of hope in your life

Write something new about you are experiencing these days.

Try cleaning your area with full zeal and enthusiasm.

Try cooking different dishes.

Learn something which is potentially good for your career.

Read more about economy and your favorite literature.

Please add your points too :)